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How does Fixando work?

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Private Personal Training

When individuals navigate their fitness routine with confidence and strength, it seems effortless. But for novices or those who've taken a break, entering a gym or starting a workout regimen can be daunting.

Since your fitness trainer's attention is focused exclusively on you, you're more likely to see rapid progress.

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Finding Your Ideal Personal Trainer

Are you dreaming of running a marathon, mastering a yoga pose, or simply wishing to feel stronger? Or are you aiming to shed a few pounds before a big event? Don't put off your aspirations any longer.

Investing in yourself adequately is crucial because neglect can lead to health issues. If you're looking to change your lifestyle, having confidence in your fitness level is key. This way, you can tackle your fitness journey with excitement and assurance.

But how do you find the right fitness trainer? Fixando offers a vast selection of professionals who provide Personal Training for individuals or groups.

Simply use their search form to locate a suitable personal trainer in your area. The search considers your experience level and how often you wish to train each month.

Tailor Your Fitness Training to Your Needs

Whether you're booking sessions for your child or yourself, on platforms like Fixando, you can find a personal trainer who meets your personal needs and possesses the necessary expertise.

Comparing a personal fitness trainer to a swimming instructor isn't far-fetched. Both professionals strive to offer you full support to help you achieve your goals.

Each workout session is unique and customized to your fitness level. In the search filter, you can specify your experience and objectives right from the start, ensuring that your trainer can support you either in person or online, as you require.

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Important Tips: How to Choose the Best Personal Training for Your Children

To foster a love for fitness in your children, introduce them to exercise early. You might start with playful, family-oriented fitness classes or simple at-home workouts.

There's no age limit to begin fitness training. Introduce your kids to physical activity in a fun way by hiring a private fitness trainer.

When searching for the right fitness program, you can reach out to private trainers or fitness centers. Your children can participate in one-on-one or group sessions, with the former being ideal for those who need more attention or are less comfortable in groups.

For children, on-site Personal Training sessions are advisable. Online fitness programs could work, but they are usually better suited for older children or teens who already have some understanding of exercise.

Want to hire a personal trainer for yourself?

Whether you're taking your first steps toward a healthier lifestyle or pushing toward new fitness milestones, Personal Training is the bespoke solution you've been seeking. There are some specific considerations you should look upon before choosing a personal fitness trainer for yourself.

1. Certifications

  • Ensure they have current certifications from reputable institutions, which indicate they're trained in the latest fitness protocols.
  • Look for specialisations that match your fitness goals, such as weight loss, strength training, rehabilitation, or sports-specific training.
  • 2. Experience

  • An experienced trainer likely has a proven track record of helping individuals with goals similar to yours.
  • Ask for success stories or case studies, especially if you have specific objectives like running a marathon or bodybuilding.
  • 3. Does your vibe match

  • Choose a trainer whose coaching style aligns with what motivates you – someone who can inspire and push you to your limits while ensuring you enjoy the process.
  • Consider doing a trial session to gauge their style and see if it works for you.
  • 4. Availability

  • Your trainer's availability should sync with your schedule to maintain consistency in your training.
  • The location of training sessions should be convenient for you, whether it's at a gym, your home, or a nearby park.
  • 5. Pricing

  • Discuss all costs upfront to avoid any hidden charges and ensure the trainer fits within your budget.
  • Understand the flexibility of your agreement – can you scale up or down the frequency of sessions? What's the cancellation policy?
  • Learn to Work Out Effectively

    Do you want to start working out but feel intimidated by adult fitness classes? You're not alone. Many people hesitate to join group fitness due to a variety of reasons.

    If group sessions aren't your thing, book one-on-one sessions to exercise at your own pace and build confidence in your physical abilities. This way, you can conquer any intimidation and not miss out on the benefits of regular physical activity.

    Cost of Personal Training

    The cost for Personal Training can vary. Group sessions might be more economical than individual training. On platforms like Fixando, you can also decide how frequently you wish to have your training sessions, which will influence the overall cost.


    Q. What qualifications are needed to give Personal Training?

    Typically, a personal fitness trainer should have a certification from a recognized institution and may also need a CPR/AED certification.

    Q. How does Personal Training work?

    Personal Training involves customized workout sessions tailored to the individual's goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, improved athleticism, or general health improvement.

    Why is Personal Training important?

    Personal Training is essential as it provides tailored guidance, helps prevent injury, ensures effective workouts, and maintains motivation.

    Conclusion: Finding the Right Personal Fitness Path for You and Your Family

    In conclusion, whether for children or adults, Personal Training in which participants learn various exercises and techniques can be transformative. On platforms like Fixando, you can find the right personal trainer in your region who offers group sessions or individual lessons. Just like with music lessons, you can enter your current fitness level and your goals. Based on this information, they will connect you with the appropriate coach. You can then receive up to 5 proposals.

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