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Handyman in Fixando

At Fixando, our handymen are always ready to help you with your projects. Here you will find low cost handymen and repair men at the best prices, depending on the service you need. Every handyman offers the a competitive price and a guarantee of fast and efficient work. Hire your repair man now!
The process of hiring an odd job man is quick and easy: just fill out a few questions about your project and within no time you'll receive several proposals from interested parties. Compare the proposals from each general worker and choose the one you consider most suitable for you, based on quality and price.

What are the next steps to request this service?

Please tell us what you specifically need by answering the questions on this page. In a few hours you will receive up to 5 quotes from Handymen. Review the various Handymen approaches and profiles and opt for the one that suits you best.

Want budgets for Handyman and surrounding areas?

With us you have access to the average price of more than 1000 services . But the best is to ask a quote to the specialists of Handyman registered on Fixando. .

Fixando is your Go-To Platform for Reliable Handyman Services

Are you spending hours searching for reliable professionals to take care of your household's home repairs and maintenance needs? Fixando provides an efficient platform to connect you with a skilled, vetted handyperson who can tackle a wide array of tasks efficiently - fixing leaky faucets, electrical repairs or furniture assembly; our platform has you covered!

man fixing hinges of window

We understand the need for a reliable handyman who can meet your household maintenance requirements with top-tier service. That is why we have assembled a network of talented handypersons dedicated to providing superior assistance for your household needs. No matter the plumbing emergency, electrical repair or general maintenance task, our highly skilled professionals are on call to offer efficient and high-quality solutions.

Our Range of Fixando Handyman Services

At Fixando, we have assembled an impressive pool of handypersons specialising in various services! Explore the extensive range of handyperson services that we offer!

Plumbing Repairs: Our professional plumbers can tackle every challenge efficiently for leak repairs, unclogged drain issues, and faulty pipe repair needs.

Electrical Services: Our highly skilled electricians can ensure the safety of your home with expert electrical services that range from installing new outlets to diagnosing any potential electrical problems.

Carpentry Work: Looking for custom furniture or repairs on existing wooden structures? Our carpenters specialize in crafting and fixing woodwork to meet your exact specifications.

Painting and Wall Repair Services: Our professional painters can bring life back into your home with our painting services, whether you require minor touch-ups or complete room makeovers - no matter the scale! We have everything covered.

Appliance Installation and Repair: Our handypersons specialize in installing and repairing various appliances to ensure they function seamlessly within your home environment.

General Home Repairs: Our general handypersons are at your service for all those odd jobs and miscellaneous repairs around your house - every task is too small or large for our experts to tackle!

man fixing window

Why choose Fixando?

Vetted and Verified Professionals: At Fixando, we take great pride in connecting our clients with professionals with all the expertise needed to complete tasks.

Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees and unexpected costs: Fixando ensures transparent pricing so you can budget effectively for home improvement projects.

Easy Booking Process:On our user-friendly platform, finding and booking a handyperson for your needs has never been simpler! Enter your requirements, and we'll match you with the ideal professional.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Read about what our happy customers have to say when making informed decisions when hiring a handyperson for their project. Browse reviews and ratings on HandyMannyNow for help making informed choices when selecting your handyman!

Access to Specialized Tools: Professional handymen often come equipped with access to specialized tools that may not be readily available to the average homeowner, which enable them to complete repairs and installations to a high standard with precision and efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Customer service is paramount at our core. If anything about the experience could have been better, we'll work hard to rectify it immediately.

Connect Us For Best Services

Fixando is your one-stop destination for all of your handyperson service needs. You are still searching for reliable professionals - with Fixando at hand, we have it covered! Whether quick repairs or major home improvement projects, trust Fixando to connect you with a reliable handyperson. Your home deserves only the best, so book now to experience quality service at your fingertips.

Fixando offers peace of mind that your home improvement projects will be completed with precision, safety, and attention to detail. Discover reliable handyperson services with Fixando, where quality meets convenience for all your home improvement needs.


1. How does Fixando ensure the reliability of its handypersons?

Fixando carefully vets and selects handypersons based on experience, qualifications and customer feedback to ensure reliable professionals for your home projects. Our stringent screening process guarantees this.

2. Which handyperson services does Fixando offer?

Fixando provides extensive handyperson services, from plumbing and electrical work to carpentry, painting and general maintenance to handyman plumbing, electric work and carpentry. Our network of professionals is equipped to tackle a range of tasks tailored specifically to meet the needs of each of our customers.

3. Am I secure in trusting Fixando's handypersons to look after the security of my home?

Absolutely, as the safety of your home is our top priority. All Fixando handypersons are licensed and insured professionals who adhere to stringent safety standards for the completion of projects with great care and attention to safety.

4. How quickly should I expect a handyperson to respond to my service request?

Our handypersons strive to meet your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible to complete your projects on time. Response times depend upon your location and request urgency, but you can typically respond within an hour.

5. Are Fixando's handyperson services cost-effective?

Fixando offers transparent pricing for its services. Costs vary based on project complexity, materials required and handyman hourly rate; we aim to offer fair and competitive prices to receive value for your investment.

6. Are Fixando handypersons backed by any guarantees for their work?

Many Fixando handypersons provide warranties or guarantees for their work, reflecting their confidence in the quality of service provided to customers. Our professionals are committed to quickly and affordably resolving them without incurring additional fees.

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