We send you business opportunities. You decide what customers to contact!

Fixando helps you find new customers and increase your business volume.
How Customers tell us what they need and we send those service details for free to the Professionals. If you're interested and available to perform the service, send your custom quote and discuss the details with the Customer.

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How does Fixando work?


We send you business opportunities

  • Clients come to Fixando looking for Professionals that can help them accomplish their personal projects.
  • They fill out a form with specific questions about their service.
  • Fixando reviews and validates all Customer requests before sharing them with the Professionals, to ensure they are real.

Choose the clients you want to contact

  • The requests become available in the platform for the Professionals enrolled in the related Categories and Locations.
  • If you're interested and available to perform the services, you can respond the client by sending a quote.

Send a quote

  • Your custom quote includes a price estimate and a personal message. We also send your Fixando profile containing past work, qualifications, contact information and customer reviews.
  • Afterwards, the Client will analyze the several received proposals and choose what Professional to hire.

Get hired and let us know!

  • You and the customer work out the details through Fixando, over the phone, or in person.
  • Whenever you're hired, please inform us by updating the request status to Business Accomplished.
  • The projects you do and their respective reviews increase your credibility and the chances to win more clients in the future.

What are the Fixando advantages?

IT'S CHEAP! Possibility to have new clients and increase the Business Volume at a LOW COST

  • New customer requests coming in to Fixando everyday;
  • All of these requests are business opportunities that will be visible for free to the Professionals registered on Fixando;
  • Since Fixando is starting its activity, we are currently offering the leads we receive. We'll only charge those leads in the future, through a credits packs system (similar to a prepaid mobile phone). However, the cost of each lead (in the future) will be minimum, in average of 30 Rupees.

Good conversion rate from Leads to Clients

  • On average, a Professional is able to close 1 customer in 5 Leads (Users he contacts and to whom he sends a quote);
  • Even if one Lead ends up costing (in the future) an average of 30 Rupees, that means that you'll manage to get a new client for 200 Rupees, a rather small amount if we consider the revenues potential not only of this first job, but also of all future jobs these clients could request from you.

Credits expenditure according to the Professional needs

  • Professional can see beforehand (and without any cost) the details of all requests in their categories and location;
  • He will just buy Leads (amount paid, in the future, to obtain the End Users contacts) that would be from their interest (type of work, size of work, deadline, length, location) and if he is available to perform this specific project;
  • If a given request isn't from your interest, you won't spend any credits. You'll only have to pass on to the next request and see if it suits you best. You'll only spend credits (in the future) if there are requests that are interesting to you and if you would like to contact those clients.

No fees over the Professional revenues

  • We don't charge any fee over the amount you achieve from performing a service. You'll only pay to access the Leads you're interested in.

Reviews system. Creation of online reputation

  • As soon as the Professionals start working on projects, they'll be evaluated by the Users. This info will be available on the Professional profile page and will work as a way to create an online reputation, not only inside Fixando's platform, but also throughout the Internet in general, since your profile page will be public and visible to any person.

Creation of web page and commercial profile for free

  • When the Professional signs up in the platform, a web page is automatically created with his Fixando profile. This will work as a showcase of your work, where you can describe yourself as a Professional and make it visible for every Internet User.
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How does Fixando works?
Clients send requests for various services as they are looking for suitable Professionals. You as a Professional receive all requests based on the selected categories.
Do I have to pay anything?
Registration is free. After completing it, you will have access to all customer requests for free. You only have to pay to respond to requests that interests you, in the form of credits. Get 15 free credits after registration to test Fixando. Fixando Credits
Is it mandatory to respond to requests?
No. You decide freely what you want to respond to.
Which categories should I select?
Add the Categories in which you perform services. The more you choose, the more requests you will receive.